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Two sales support engineers, both originally from the nonprofit human services world, now in a role conducting brief appearances across the nation at different types of Health and Human Service agencies. A very exciting and jet-setting lifestyle, but alas 3 degrees disconnected from what truly inspires, motivates, and excites us. 

While enjoying some good eats and a beverage or two, and after putting a pin on the preparation for the following day’s demonstration, we began talking about our professional passions, and trends we see every day in the Health and Human Service space.  Over the years this had grown into a common path our evening conversations veered towards.  We had been road warriors for some time now, the topic was not new, but this time the depth and the energy reached entirely new levels.  Not wanting to lose this conversation and momentum, we requested something to document this stream of consciousness. The closest canvas was a cocktail napkin, and with a pen provided by our bartender Next Wave Performance’s foundation was officially laid. 

Before we know it, our glasses were empty and our napkin was full. Full of all our ideas and plans to reconnect to our passions and purpose.

Our common purpose was all about helping people find the purpose to live life in a deliberate way, to find joy and smile more.  We wanted to grow, and we wanted to take others with us on this journey. A large focus on Health and Human services, because people who spend so much time taking care of others need someone to take care of them.  We also want to bring other individuals and other teams on this journey, as the skills we impart are not solely beneficial to HHS agencies and teams, but athletes, corporate teams, small businesses, just to name a few.

How it Began: About
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